SBLC coal cash financing

Source from East Kalimantan , South Kalimantan , West Kalimantan , Central Kalimantan , Sumatera & West Sulawesi.

We provide the end-to-end network linking coal buyers, coal mine owners, coal suppliers, and coal mine investors “DIRECT ACCESS” to capital, funder, coal supplies and facilitate “SAFE SBLC” professional coal trades.

Coal Funding Network

Welcome to Coal Funding Network, the source to coal trade financing and coal mine investment. Our team have 11 years of experience in coal order, SBLC financing and project financing in Indonesia coal mines.

We have arranged direct trade orders by dealing directly with the coal buyers, owner of mines and professional coal trading companies. Area of expertise includes:


1. SBLC Coal Buyers

We process coal purchase order (PO) or letter of intent (LOI) from end coal buyers in China (China coal) , end coal buyers in India (India coal) , end coal buyers in Indonesia (coal Indonesia) , South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. End coal users which wish to get supply of large coal quantity, long term contract and using SBLC payment method, we have ready mines and funds for off take arrangement.


Preferred clients: Government Linked Company (GLC), Electric Power Plant, Steel Company, Cement Plant, and Large Size Companies exceed US$25 million coal purchases per year.


2. SBLC Coal Trading Company

We wish to cooperate with Coal Company in Indonesia in financing of coal purchase order by the way of SBLC.

We have extensive network with coal mine and supplier in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Our long term relationship and proven track record, enable the coal mines to guarantee you consistent coal supply with right specification.


3. Coal Mining Cooperation / KP Owners

KP is just paper, same like Palm Plantation permits. It’s not even an empty land. Coal Funding Network purchase coal mine (KP), provides joint operation (JO), or provide financing to mine owner (KP owner) in Kalimantan to realize paper into cash.


4. SBLC Coal Trading / Broker / Agent

Coal Funding Network cooperate with companies in coal trading, traders, brokers, agents in Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, which has coal purchase contract using SBLC.


5. Preferred International Bank

We work with International banks and financial institutions including HSBC, Bank of China, ICBC, ANZ, Standard & Chartered, and regional banks.


Contact us today for professional coal trade, SBLC, coal funding and coal mine financing, email to:

bizdev (at)


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Contact: bizdev (at) Address: Menara Anugrah, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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